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The Natural Mandala by Rex Oxley

The Sacred Circle for Meditation

In the multicultural tradition of using art to convey symbolic thought forms, The Natural Mandala advances the mandala format with the additional layers of meaning and symbolism from nature. By combining the rich symbolic qualities of the mandala form with the archetypal splendor of the natural world, The Natural Mandala becomes a potent visual for meditation practice. It has become a metaphor for man's connection with nature, his own reconnection with his inner being, his place within nature and his constant pursuit to understand All That Is.

Being the first of its kind, this unique work of art is the expression of Rex Oxley, an Ohio artist who has rendered a six-foot square, architecturally dimensional mandala exclusively with organic materials collected from nature. Now as a touring exhibition, it serves to illustrate and teach the fundamental and intrinsic constructs of holism, nature’s conservation, meditation and how the visual arts can be a conduit for healing and for maintaining the vitality of the psycho-spiritual aspects of being.

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The Natural Mandala Website

The naturalmandala website is dedicated to extending the exhibition scope of The Natural Mandala project. It offers viewers a variety of modes to explore this unique work of art as it exhibits reverence for its own media in simple reflexive admiration of the natural world.

You may access content from the “Site Navigation” drop down in which The Natural Mandala can be further explored in a visual mode. The site’s most prominent, interactive feature is a visual exploration of the artwork itself; using a software tool to gaze upon a nearly full screen image of the work with the accessibility to zoom into its details like a field researcher with binoculars.

The Exhibition Tour Pages of The Natural Mandala is surveyed with a journal-like tone where I share each exhibiting venue using location images, experiential stories, viewer remarks and event commentary that gives presence for the places where it has visited.

Finally, The Natural Mandala can be contemplated as its contextual diversity is rendered through varieties of discourse. Subjects that comprise the psychological, spiritual, mechanical, artistic and ecological aspects of this work are offered for contemplation.